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Canterbury's Archaeology 1989–1990Canterbury’s Archaeology 1989–1990


Excavations: Canterbury Sites [PDF 3964KB]
1. St Gregory’s Priory
2. 30 North Lane
3. Station Road East
4. St Peter’s Methodist School
5. Christ Church College
6. North Lane: the riverside wall
7. Longmarket
8. St John’s Hospital and St John’s Nursery

Excavations: Kent Sites [PDF 2092KB]
1. The Old Palace, Bekesbourne
2. Eddington Farm, Herne Bay
3. Aylesham watching brief
4. Dover Castle
5. Starkey Castle
6. Rochester Cathedral

Building Recording [PDF 1422KB]
A. 26 North Lane, Canterbury
B. 45 and 46 Palace Street, Canterbury
C. 8 Sun Street, Canterbury
D. The Great Dorter, Canterbury Cathedral
E. Church Farm Barn, Offham
F. Wingham Church Spire

Post Excavation [PDF 1727KB]
Pottery Research
Channel Tunnel Excavations: Late Iron Age Pottery
Excavations at Stonar, near Sandwich
Longmarket pottery
Islamic Pottery from the Longmarket excavation
Two Late Saxon Combs from the Longmarket Excavations
Human Bone Studies
Documentary Research
Computing the Stratigraphic Sequence

Publications [PDF 128KB]

Education [PDF 392KB]

Endnotes [PDF 31KB]

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