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Canterbury's Archaeology 1987–1988Canterbury’s Archaeology 1987–1988


I Excavation [PDF 4964KB]
1. 25 Watling Street, Canterbury
2. St Margaret’s Church, Canterbury
3. 2 High Street, Canterbury
4. Linden Grove, Canterbury
5. Christ Church College: Paramedical Centre, Canterbury
6. St Martin’s Heights, Canterbury
7. St Augustine’s Abbey Conduit House, Canterbury
8. 10 Best Lane, Canterbury
9. The Royal Dragoon, Military Road, Canterbury
10. Rosemary Lane Car Park, Canterbury
11. Westgate Chapel, Canterbury
12. Westgate Pavement, Canterbury
13. 1A–4 Pound Lane, Canterbury
14. St George’s Gate, Canterbury
15. Burgate, Canterbury
16. The Two Sawyers, Canterbury
17. ‘Solly’s Orchard’, St Peter’s Lane, Canterbury
18. Gordon Road, Canterbury
19. 90–91 Northgate and High Street St Gregory’s, Canterbury
20. St Gregory’s Priory, Canterbury

II Building Recording [PDF 1660KB]
A. 2 High Street, Canterbury
B. 10 Best Lane, Canterbury
C. 21 High Street, Canterbury
D. 70 Castle Street, Canterbury
E. 28 Palace Street, Canterbury
F. Bursted Manor, Pett Bottom
G. Stone Farm, Newington

III Channel Tunnel Excavations [PDF 5928KB]
A. Dover
B. Ashford
C. Folkestone
1. The early landscape
2. The first farmers
3. The Iron Age settlement
4. The arrival of the Belgae
5. The Roman countryside
6. The coming of the English
7. The medieval Landscape
8. The Historic Buildings, i Danton Farm ii Mill House iii Stone Farm
9. Folkestone in the Nineteenth century
10. Early Channel Tunnel attempts

IV Post Excavation and Publication

1. Forthcoming monographs
2. Forthcoming
3. Reports in preparation
4. ‘Popular’ reports in preparation

V Education
1. Lectures
2. General publications
3. Replicas
4. Publicity

Obituary: Professor George McVittie


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