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Canterbury's Archaeology 1986–1987Canterbury’s Archaeology 1986–1987 [PDF 8373KB]


Obituary: Donald Baron

1. St John’s Lane, Canterbury
2. Barret’s, Pound Lane, Canterbury
3. ‘Martin’s',20 St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury
4. St Margaret’s Church, Canterbury
5. 36–7 Stour Street, Canterbury
6. Christ Church College, Canterbury
7. Adelaide Place, Canterbury
8. St Radigund’s Street, Canterbury
9. All Saints’ Church, Canterbury
10. Blackfriars Gate, Canterbury
11. 7 New Street, Canterbury
12. The Tannery, Canterbury
13. ‘Saunders’, 50 St Peter’s Street, Canterbury Evaluation trenching
14. Station Road East, Canterbury
15. Roper Road, Canterbury
16. Castle Hill, Folkestone

Observations and Watching Briefs
Intra mural
17. Millers Arms, 26 St Radigund’s Street, Canterbury
18. 17 St Mary’s Street, Canterbury
19. ‘Hiltons’, 2 High Street, Canterbury
20. Watling Street–Castle Street, Canterbury
21. ‘Courts’, 23–24 Burgate, Canterbury
Extra Mural
22. Diocesan Payne Smith School, Broad Street, Canterbury
23. 5 North Lane, Canterbury
24. York Road, Canterbury
25. ‘Thanington House’, Wincheap, Canterbury
26. 3 St Dunstan’s Terrace, Canterbury
27. 83 Broad Street, Canterbury
28. Chestfield, near Herne Bay
29. Guilton Mill, Ash
30. Quex Park, Birchington

Building Recording
A. 26 St Peter’s Street, Canterbury
B. 34 St Margaret’s Street, Canterbury
C. Domus Hospitum, Canterbury Cathedral

Some Iron Age pottery from Highstead
Some Anglo-Saxon pottery from Stour Street and St Radigund’s Street
Roman pottery from Highstead
A ‘Dioscurus’ and possible candlestick from St John’s Lane


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