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St Margaret’s at Cliffe

In November 2012 a small team headed by Keith Parfitt of our Dover office excavated a small site ahead of new building work on land to the north-west of ‘Seamark’, on the south-east side of The Droveway at St Margaret’s at Cliffe, near Dover.  This work followed previous evaluation trenching which had revealed two inhumation burials of presumed Anglo-Saxon date.

Stripping of an area measuring about 17 by 8.50m revealed five graves, only one of which had been previously located.  All these graves were fully excavated and two produced significant Anglo-Saxon grave goods.  One grave appeared to be that of a warrior provided with a spear, shield, knife and buckle and another that of a woman equipped with a large disc brooch and a necklace.  Skeletons in two of the other graves were not accompanied by grave goods and the fifth grave was completely empty, perhaps never used.
Grave 6Grave 4, young girl with broochGrave 4, brooch
The work was funded by Luck-Now Developments Ltd through Mr Imran Khan (Director).

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