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41 St George’s Place, Canterbury

This extra-mural site is located outside the old St George’s Gate on the south side of the city.  Formerly the site of Martin Walter’s Garage, it was more recently occupied by a number of businesses including a Netto supermarket.

Looking south across the site, towards St Georges Baptist ChurchElaborately formed lead window-tracery

Excavations are being directed by Crispin Jarman in advance of the development of student housing by Abtec Investments Ltd.  The housing will be leased by Canterbury Christ Church University.  The development covers a substantial area between St George’s Place and Dover Street, and the Trust’s work will continue into the autumn.

Little-damaged by the foundations of modern buildings, a significant number of rubbish and quarry pits, mainly of eleventh- to twelfth-century and sixteenth- to eighteenth-century date have survived and are being investigated.  Potential evidence for the presence of an early cattle market is provided by the discovery of a large quantity of horn-cores.  The damaged remains of a post-Dissolution cellar or undercroft have been exposed on the Dover Street frontage.

Fragment of a Tudor stove-tile, probably second half of the sixteenth centuryEarly post-medieval glass bead, possibly Venetian

Finds include a fragment of a green-glazed Tudor stove-tile which probable dates to the second half of the sixteenth century and an elaborately decorated glass bead, which was probably also made in the sixteenth century.  They were recovered from the same rubbish-pit.

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