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Open Day

July 30th, 2013

With just two weeks left on site, the team took some time out to talk about some of the exciting discoveries at Turing College.
Keynes3 open dayKeynes3 open dayKeynes3 open day
Keynes3 open dayKeynes3 open dayKeynes3 open day
Keynes3 open dayKeynes3 open dayKeynes3 open day
Keynes3 open dayKeynes3 open dayKeynes3 open day
Keynes3 open dayKeynes3 open dayKeynes3 open day

Payers Park, Folkestone

July 17th, 2013

Open Air Museum of the Everyday

20th – 28th July 2013

Archaeological dig for one week, exhibition in Quarterhouse foyer, live music and much, much more.

Click image for full poster [PDF]

Payers Park

Open Day at Turing College: Thursday 25th July

July 15th, 2013

Plans are taking shape for the Open Day on Thursday, 25th July.

We will be open from 9.30 am until 4.30 pm, with the Lord Mayor officially opening proceedings at 10.30 am.

There will be displays of finds and an on-site team washing some of the masses of prehistoric pottery uncovered so far.

Throughout the day there will be regular tours of the excavations.  Come and meet the archaeologists and find out more about this great Iron Age site!


Entrance to the site is marked on the map (click to enlarge).  Head for Keynes College and follow the signs.  Car parking is at the Visitor’s car park on Giles Lane (10 minutes walk).
Turing College excavation open day

Float the Dover Bronze Age Boat!

July 4th, 2013

We have re-launched our campaign via to raise funds to make the Dover Bronze Age boat replica seaworthy. Having learned a number of lessons from our earlier attempt, this time we are trying to raise a minimum of £5000 through Kickstarter. If we are successful we’ll combine that sum with whatever we can raise elsewhere to provide the funds to get the work done. And this time around we have the advantage of course that we have the replica in Dover, which will undoubtedly help drum up support.

So, have a look at the new project at and support it if you can.
Dover Bronze Age BoatDover Bronze Age BoatDover Bronze Age Boat

‘Beyond the Horizon’ comes to Dover

July 4th, 2013

The travelling exhibition, celebrating 20 years of  research which began with the discovery of the Bronze Age boat in Dover in 1992, opened at Dover Museum on Monday.

The culmination of the ‘BOAT 1550 BC’ project, the exhibition, entitled ‘Beyond the Horizon: Societies of the Channel and North Sea 3,500 Years Ago’,  explores cross channel links in the Bronze Age. Seven key themes are  explored, including the building of the boat, travel, crafts and beliefs and some wonderful Bronze Age treasures have been brought together for the exhibition.

At the centre of the exhibition is the original Bronze Age boat. The replica, made using the materials and techniques of 1550 BC is also on display. Imagine yourself at the tiller and take a look at our Kickstarter project!

The exhibition runs until 31st December.

Turing College excavation

June 24th, 2013

A huge excavation is presently underway on the University of Kent campus. The work, being funded by the University, has exposed a remarkable array of mainly Iron Age features. The excavation is being undertaken in advance of the construction of Turing College on the western edge of the university campus, close to Keynes College. The site, covering some 4.2 hectares of steeply sloping ground with panoramic views across Canterbury, is still being stripped of topsoil at the moment, but already we can see that we are dealing with an exceptionally interesting and important site, perhaps a settlement pre-dating Iron Age Canterbury.
Aerial view of the siteWatching machiningTuring College excavation
Turing College excavationTuring College excavationTuring College excavation
Using newly-acquired satellite surveying equipment, Crispin Jarman is producing a mapping plan that is growing on a daily basis as new ground is cleared. A field team at least thirty-five strong is hard at work sampling the vast array of features that have been laid bare. Working to a strict timetable, we have to date completed a large area north of Beverley Farm, revealing metalled trackways, ditches, pits, post-holes for fence lines and buildings, hearths, fire-pits and a rare Iron Age well containing the remains of a notched timber ladder and part of a possible wooden shovel. The subsoil is ghastly: a horrible glutinous clay when wet, turning to fissured concrete when dry. But the team, comprising our own full-time staff supplemented by new archaeologists from home and abroad including students from the University of Kent, is stepping up and is managing the task admirably. We are committed to a tight schedule for this work.
Turing College excavationTuring College excavationTuring College excavation
Turing College excavationTuring College excavationTuring College excavation
The upper levels of the site are filled with features representing entire field systems, settlement compounds and animal pens. There is even a compound defining a small cemetery containing cremation burials, some in pottery vessels but others perhaps originally interred in wooden, textile or leather containers that have not survived. A bewildering profusion of post-holes can on examination be seen to represent square, rectangular and subcircular buildings. Some of these associated with hearths. Other hearths sit in seeming isolation, with no features around them, suggesting perhaps a building with no earthfast posts. There are many four-post granary-type buildings and others of domestic type. Others defy interpretation at the moment. Features are generally rich in prehistoric pottery, although finds of other kinds are relatively rare. At a glance the pottery dates from the early to late Iron Age, say from 700 to 50 BC.
Turing College excavationTuring College excavationTuring College excavation

UPDATE | Open Day: 25th July

Turing College at University of Kent

June 13th, 2013

Our excavation up at the University of Kent is uncovering a wealth Iron Age features.
More information will be posted here soon…
Turing College excavationTuring College excavationTuring College excavation

Float the Boat!

May 3rd, 2013

Our Kickstarter project, designed to raise funds to take the replica of the Dover Bronze Age Boat to sea, has been launched! We need to achieve a minimum of £20,000 within 30 days! Kickstarter allows you to pledge money towards this total, in return for which you will receive a reward, depending on the level of your pledge.
The Dover Bronze Age Boat: excavationThe Dover Bronze Age Boat: displayThe Dover Bronze Age Boat: replica
In order to pledge, you will have to create a Kickstarter account, which takes only a few moments. Once that is done, and once the project is launched, you will be able to back the project at your chosen level. We will only be able to actually draw down your pledged funds if we are successful (that is, pledges reach £20,000 or more). In this case the funds would be claimed within 14 days after the 30 day Kickstarter project closes.

We hope that you will be able to back the project and please do tell as many people about it as possible! Go to:
and help us float the boat!
Dover Boat Kickstarter Project

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