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GCSE / A Level Coursework projects

(NB. At 2015 we are aware of Government changes but this may still be of interest to you, perhaps for other teaching contexts)

We can provide information about specific sites excavated by CAT in Canterbury and elsewhere in the county of Kent. Go to Annual Reports where numerous sites are listed together with standing historic buildings surveyed by CAT. We may also be able to guide you to other references and resource providers.

Please email the Community Archaeologist with your enquiry,

Give your school, name, home address, course title and detail of the project requirement.

Alternatively, you can write to: Annie Partridge,
Canterbury Archaeological Trust, 92A Broad Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2LU.

These are some of the GCSE / A Level coursework projects which we have been able to support:

  • The Archaeology of St Gregory’s Priory, Canterbury (GCSE Geography)
  • Impact of the Channel Tunnel on Kent (A Level Geography)
  • Minster Abbey, Isle of Sheppey (A Level Archaeology)
  • Comparison of two Romano-British towns (A Level History)
  • Bronze Age barrows in south-east Kent (A Level Archaeology)
  • The Norman impact on Canterbury (GCSE History)

A Level Physics

Archaeologists often undertake geophysical surveys to ‘see’ buried remains without disturbing the ground.
Are you teaching the module ‘Digging up the Past’ and looking for interesting, practical applications?
Would you like your pupils to hear how physics can assist archaeological investigation and take part in a practical demonstration at your school?

Contact the Community Archaeologist at Canterbury Archaeological Trust who can put you in touch with a professional to come into school and work with your students.

‘The work they had prepared for the pupils was excellent; the girls very much enjoyed participating in the resistance survey of our school field. As a department, we were very happy with the entire day and would highly recommend other schools use the programme for their coursework. All of our pupils were able to complete their coursework to the very high standard that we expect in our school and we are pleased with the results obtained.’
(Assistant Director of Sixth Form, Simon Langton Girls Grammar School, Canterbury)

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