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The archaeological remains of earthworks, buildings and objects are primary sources of evidence for how people lived in the past. From them, we can learn how people went about meeting the daily needs of their society. We can compare their lifestyles to our own time, identifying differences and the similarities, between the two.

Archaeology has a valuable role to play at Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level. In particular, you can apply aspects of the subject in History and Geography programmes as well as GCSE and A Level Archaeology, if these options are open to you.

Browse these links for useful information and resources, to be used directly or adapted to suit your needs.

CAT KIT loans service
CAT BOX loans collection
Why history is a load of old rubbish (How layers build up on an archaeological site)
GCSE / A Level Coursework projects
A Journey to Medieval Canterbury: resource book packed with information and pictures
CAT Publications
Other recommended reading for teachers and students
Annual Reports of the work of Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd
Discovering Archaeology in National Curriculum History, Key Stages 1, 2 and 3
A Murky Medieval Mystery
Project diaries
Citizenship Education: Archaeology in the Local Community
You may also find material at Primary Schools which can be adapted

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