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Anglo-SaxonAnglo Saxon | CAT BOX 600| CAT archaeologist showing how weapons could be placed in an Anglo Saxon burial, using CAT BOX replicas.| © 2014 Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

16th – 18th Centuries: Tudor (1485–1603)16th – 18th Centuries: Tudor (1485–1603) | CAT BOX 409 | Tudor personal. Thimble, Armada medal, wooden patten, hornbook, fivestones game etc. replica | box size: 45x35x18cms | 24 items © 2007 Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

Bronze Age BOAT KITPrehistory | Bronze Age | BOAT KIT includes replica pottery ‘Beaker’, axe and dress pin, scheme of work, USB with digital resources, teaching guide, illustrated catalogue from BOAT 1550 BC exhibition | core box size: 50x27x30 cms | © 2014 Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

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