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Boney Bits

Animal bones give us lots of evidence about farming and people’s diet. Not much of an animal was wasted and bones were used right up to Victorian times to make all kinds of things! Every CAT KIT has a cattle horn core. Some have cattle jaws and others have pig, sheep or goat jaws. So there is something here for everyone!

Time TeamTime Team Canterbury 2000. Making a lantern from flattened sheaths of horn.

LanternThe finished lantern and a cattle horn ‘core’ after the sheath has been removed.

Sheep at Tenterden FairSheep at Tenterden Fair Spring 2005.

GoatGoat off the internet. Goat and sheep jaw bones are difficult to tell apart.

Pig at Tenterden FairPig at Tenterden Fair, 2005. I couldn’t see its jaws!

Inquisitive cowsInquisitive cows on the Winchelsea Marshes, East Sussex.

Human bottom jawThis is a human bottom jaw. Look how the middle teeth have been worn into a semi-circle. How did this happen? Look for a clue in a CAT KIT! © Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

Bone ‘waste’Bone ‘waste’ (left overs) from making beads. It is probably medieval. © Canterbury Archaeological Trust Ltd.

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