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Launch of the Beyond the Horizon exhibition at the Heritage Center at Ename (Flanders, Belgium) © P. Van der Plaetsen / BOAT 1550 BC

Discovering Archaeology and the Bronze Age

This comprehensive subject knowledge and teaching guide can also be found as a booklet in the BOAT KIT, a collection of various resources designed principally for school pupils and students and a product of the European project ‘BOAT 1550 BC’. Sets of the BOAT KIT are now held in France, England and Belgium, for creative teaching and learning with pupils and students.

The subject knowledge and teaching guide is a product of the expertise of archaeologists and educators in each of the three countries and draws on archaeological techniques, sites and discoveries along the English Channel and North Sea.  While Section 4 is aimed at primary schools, other content will appeal to students of Archaeology and those looking more deeply into the subject. Section 2 in particular gives a breadth of accessible insight into the work of archaeologists and related specialists.

Find the complete guide here [pdf 43MB]

Section 1
The discovery of the boat [pdf 1.1MB]

Section 2
What do archaeologists do? [pdf 24.9MB]

Section 3
Bronze Age settlement, funerary practice and ritual hoards along the Channel coasts [pdf 9.3MB]

Section 4
The Dover Boat and Thanet Earth scheme of work: lesson plans for teachers and resource sheets for pupils [pdf 10.9MB]

Many thanks are extended to all involved in the ‘Boat 1550 BC’ project for preparing and proof reading the texts.

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