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Friends of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust

Who are we?

People who support the Trust’s professional archaeologists because we are interested in the exciting discoveries made in Canterbury and the county of Kent.¬†Highlights have been:

  • The discovery of the Dover Bronze Age boat, dated 1550 BC
  • The ‘Big Dig’: excavations at Canterbury’s Whitefriars
  • The vast excavation at ‘Thanet Earth’ , Monkton
  • Excavations in¬†Canterbury Cathedral Nave, revealing four stages of the early Anglo-Saxon cathedral
  • The rich Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Buckland, Dover
  • Excavations at the Channel Tunnel terminal site at Folkestone, revealing history from the Bronze Age to Victorian times

How do we help the Trust?

By giving practical help:

  • Digging on site with other volunteers
  • Pot-washing and other help at headquarters at 92a Broad Street, Canterbury
  • Manning visitor centres at major excavations

By raising money to:

  • Buy special equipment, e.g. specialist photographic equipment and updating the computer network which increases the efficiency of the Trust
  • Support the library at headquarters
  • Help members of staff to attend short courses to update their professional skills and to represent the Trust at national and international conferences
  • Support the Archaeology in Education Service

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