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Westgate Parks

As one of the partners in this 5-year project we are involved with fieldwork projects as well as other events and activities with local schools.


London Gate interpretation panel

A number of excavations have already taken place. The First Canterbury dig over the 2014 August bank holiday weekend was a great success and was followed in 2015 by a week-long excavation and a community dig in July.  A third community dig took place through the week 20-26 June 2016. This further investigated the course of Roman Watling Street at its river crossing just outside the London Gate. A note on what was actually found is published in the Friends Newsletter No 102.

Visit the Westgate Parks website or find the events programme here.

This project is aimed at turning the present Westgate Gardens, Toddler’s Cove, Bingley’s Island and Tannery Field into a unique and very special riverside recreation area for residents and tourists. This is being achieved with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Parks for People’, the Big Lottery and with money donated by the developers of the new housing alongside the parks.

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