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Lyminge Archaeological Project

Archaeologists from the University of Reading, along with local volunteers, archaeological societies and university students have worked at Lyminge each summer since 2008 to uncover Lyminge’s Anglo-Saxon past. The final excavation season finished at the end of August 2015.

Lyminge archaeological project

Our involvement at Lyminge began in 2005 when a team from the Trust uncovered Anglo-Saxon occupation on land south of the churchyard. In 2007 Gabor Thomas (University of Reading) began a study of the site which developed into the Lyminge Archaeological Project.  As a partner in the project, the Trust has been actively involved with the excavations and in outreach work in the community and local schools.

The project blog gives a great insight into project as it unfolded.

Lyminge archaeological projectLyminge archaeological projectLyminge archaeological project

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