Illuminating the past – Enhancing the present – Inspiring the future

The principal purpose of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust as set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association (1975) is ‘to promote the advancement of public education in the field of archaeology’.

The charity pursues this objective through a wide range of activities, including active involvement in archaeological fieldwork and research throughout south-east England and beyond. Wherever possible the participation of amateur volunteers is encouraged and a very broad programme of public outreach and educational activities is undertaken.

The Trust is committed to providing archaeological knowledge at the highest possible level and to actively engaging all sectors of the community in its work so that the quality of life is enriched through a better appreciation of our mutual heritage.

In realising this aim, the trustees have taken into account the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit and have looked carefully at ways in which the inclusivity of the charity’s outreach and educational activities might be enhanced.

The strategies employed to achieve the Trust’s aims and objectives are manifold, but include amongst them:

The conduct of archaeological fieldwork and research of all periods across the country, wherever possible with the involvement of the local community alongside the Trust’s professionally qualified staff, either processing artefacts recovered from the fieldwork or as part of the excavation team itself. The Trust also tries to make provision for public visits at appropriate sites.

The dissemination of archaeological knowledge through a wide range of publications, public lectures and electronic media designed to engage and inform the broadest possible spectrum of the community.

The employment of a Community Archaeologist to work with schools and community groups, participate in community projects and partnership projects.

Close liaison with centres of higher education such as the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University providing guest lecturers and arranging access to primary data from our fieldwork to facilitate ‘hands-on’ research opportunities to undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Collaborating with local museums in the county in organising special exhibitions, archaeology ‘open days’ and school visits.

Liaison with other groups within the county such as the Kent Archaeological Society, the Kent Metal Detecting Society, the Kent Police Authority and many others as part of the Trustee’s commitment to community involvement.

Through these strategies and others, the trustees seek to ensure that information about and understanding of our buried heritage is made available to all sectors of the community regardless of age, educational background, financial circumstances or any other factor.

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